FlowPlumb™ Barrier Pipe


When choosing your plumbing system, it is important that you choose one that features a dual layered pipe, or barrier pipe as it is known.

With non-metal pipes such as PPR, oxygen can seep though the wall of the pipe – through the PPR material – into the inside of the pipe. Mixed with the water and dark conditions, this provides an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Using this water for washing, showering, food preparation and drinking can cause you harm and in the most extreme cases, death. Cholera for example is a water borne disease that thrives in these conditions.

The FlowPlumb pipe is a barrier pipe made up of Polybutylene (PB) with a layer of EVOH sandwiched in the middle. This sandwiched layer provides the barrier which stops oxygen from seeping through the wall of the pipe, ensuring that the quality of water is not affected in any way.

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