The Civils range by FlowPlumb is manufactured in the UK by our exclusive manufacturing partner of international renown.

Our Roof to River concept includes solutions for every part of a drainage system ensuring against flooding and over capacity of drainage networks.

In many sub-Saharan countries, roadside open drainage channels often become blocked with organic debris and waste materials, causing localised flooding when it rains, as shown here in Lagos Nigeria:

The Roof to River range allows for customised plumbing and drainage solutions on an industrial scale that can provide unrivalled holistic water management solutions. For large scale projects, a design service is also included to ensure the maximum efficiency of our systems.

Replacing open drains with our Ridgistorm, Ridgidrain or our Ridgisewer system would instantly allow for a better flow of water away from built up areas where it could be stored in our Polystorm crate system before naturally soaking away into the water table. This solution would improve public health by removing the health hazards caused by flooding, and put an end to flood induced traffic problems.

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