FlowPlumb: From Roof to River

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The FlowPlumb range includes holistic solutions for water management, from roof to river.

From the roof, our guttering systems and flat roof / balcony drainage captures rainwater from the first source and diverts it through our soil and Underground systems. At ground level, our storm crate system creates a holding tank for rainwater before allowing it to soak away at a controlled speed. This system is designed to alleviate surface flooding common to built up areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our underground systems include a domestic package for home owners, commercial drainage and even highway drainage. Each are designed to specifically answer the needs of their intended application.

For large agricultural areas, golf course or sports arena’ s our perforated Land-coil is the ideal solution for keeping the ground from saturation.

To discover all of our drainage solutions, join us at www.flowplumb.com or contact us