FlowPlumb wc pan connectors are manufactured in the UK by Multikwik. Multikwik were pioneers 50 years ago with the introduction of a flexible pan connector and are still the name asked for by plumbers around the world. Since its inception, Multikwik has revolutionised plumbing in the UK and is now doing the same across Africa with FlowPlumb.

Our range is one of the largest on the market, and covers spigots of 74mm – 114mm, ensuring an accurate fit regardless of the make and model of sanitary chinaware. The range consists of straight connectors, 90 degree, offset, flexible and space savers, and are designed to fit both old toilets and modern new installations.

At the other end, the fins on all Multikwik pan connectors have been designed to be multi length, to allow for tolerance on imperfect pipes. This feature ensures a water tights and airtight connection to all pipe sizes and materials. This also means that Multikwik pan connectors can be used on a variety of pipe materials including clay, cast iron and pvc-u.

Inside, to reduce the risk of blockage, the connectors are manufactured as hygienic, smooth, one-piece moulded bodies, and are manufactured to British Standards BS5503 & BS5504.

Our offset connector can be used if the pipework is misaligned with the toilet by more than a few millimetres. Using a standard (or fake) connector could lead to leaks so our Offset connector allows up to 22mm difference between centres.