There are many advantages to using IPS PPR Fusion by FlowPlumb™. Some of these advantages benefit the installer, making installation easier and of a higher quality than other PPR systems. But many features of the IPS system benefit the end user directly. One such feature is the dual layering of our IPS PPR Fusion pipe.

The purpose of the dual laying is to provide a “barrier” pipe. With plastic pipes, oxygen can, over time, permeate through the plastic. Once this oxygen gets into the pipe and into the water in the pipe it provides a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. If this water is then drunk, or used for food preparation, it can cause illness. The internal layer of the IPS pipe acts as a “barrier”, preventing the oxygen from getting through, so the water inside the pipe remains pure.

Single layered PPR and PVC pipes therefore should be avoided at all costs.

A secondary benefit to the internal layer in the IPS pipe is that is provides an ultra-smooth bore. This significantly helps to prevent blockages and maintains a high flow rate of water. But it gets even better, because there’s a third benefit too. Because IPS pipes contain no metal parts, you’ll never get brown water coming out of your taps when you turn them on.

The second, outside layer of the IPS PPR Fusion pipe – the green layer – is the PPR itself. This strong, but flexible material is manufactured by IPS from virgin polypropylene. This makes the structural integrity of IPS pipes superior to pipes made from recycled plastic. IPS pipes are impact resistant, low conductors of heat (so your hot water remains hot) and are extremely resistant to high pressures and chemicals making IPS ideal for a multitude of uses and applications.

IPS has been trusted for over 60 years and has been installed in thousands of buildings across Africa. The whole IPS range is available from FlowPlumb™ and our official Distributors throughout sub-Saharan Africa. IPS systems from FlowPlumb™ come with a 50 year warranty.

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