The FlowPlumb Flexible Push-fit Plumbing system includes one very clever feature that allows for easy control and maintenance of your water system. The brass manifolds shown in the picture above “split” the water supply so you can feed it to various sources. For Example, you could have one cold water pipe going into a three-port manifold which then has one pipe leading to the basin, one to the shower and a third to the toilet. If you take this process further back to where the water supply enters the home, you can split it there to deliver water to the kitchen, bathroom and ensuite. If this seems like an extra expense, read on!

The cheapest way of doing things is always appealing…. until things go wrong! It’s too late then to curse yourself for not doing things properly and you’ll begin the process of paying out hard earned money to correct a fault that didn’t need to happen.

Using the manifold system means that maintenance can take please with as little inconvenience and cost as possible. In the photograph above, you’ll notice that each outlet from the manifold has a valve. This means that to change a tap in the kitchen, you can simply turn off the water supply to that exact tap while the rest of the building continues to be serviced. In a home this means you can continue to use the toilet, shower, bathroom basin, even the washing machine while the tap in the kitchen is being repaired or awaiting repair. Now multiply that out to a hotel, a school or a hospital where continued water supply is essential. The manifold allows you to isolate a problem while maintaining the water supply everywhere else. In a commercial setting such as a hotel, this can mean keeping rooms open and maintaining your revenue stream.

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