Nexus Hotel Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

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The Nexus Hotel in Addis Ababa is a 66 bedroom and suite hotel that is being extended to include 85 new bedrooms, a spa and restaurant facilities. Durapipe SuperFlo was specified as the piping material for the air conditioning system to transport chilled water around the hotel building.

Manufactured in the UK for chilled and cold water applications, Durapipe SuperFlo combines corrosion resistance, toughness and economic benefits to provide tremendous advantages for low temperature fluid transportation.

The initial order for pipework was revised by Durapipe resulting in a cost saving of 37% for the customer.

The products were shipped according to customer time requirements and arrived in Addis Ababa in March 2015. When the Building was ready for installation, Durapipe dispatched Training Manager Steve Peczek and installation training was given on site at the hotel to the team responsible for installing the system.

The advantages to using Durapipe SuperFlo, and deciding factors for its use by the client include:

• Engineered specifically for transportation of chilled water
• Lightweight material, being easy to work with and install at ceiling heights
• Solvent welded joints, which increases speed of installation, fuses pipe and fitting together and requires no electricity.
• Choice of metric or imperial diameters and full range of fittings
• UK manufacture with British and international certification
• Toxic free
• Resistant to corrosion, reducing maintenance costs
• Exceptionally smooth bore throughout the systems life, reducing friction loss, maintaining flow rate and reducing energy requirement
• Impact resistant, remaining ductile at -40°C
• 50 year design life
• Easy transition to metal & ancillary equipment

Durapipe SuperFLo is a proven material having been used in a range of installations:

  • Data Centres
  • Office Blocks
  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Hospitals
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Arenas
  • Shopping Centres

“The speed and ease of installation of SuperFLO was a deciding factor for this project and we were not disappointed; it saved us a significant amount of time, compared with metal alternatives. “
Michael Hailu, MD AB-Ham Enterprises Plc.