Using the FlowPlumb flexible plumbing system instead of PPR, crimp systems or other plastic / metal systems can result in considerable cost savings.

Unlike PPR or PPH, the Flowplumb pipe is flexible, which allows it to be fed around corners, upstairs & around bends. This has several big effects on costs which are detailed below.

Reduced Installation costs

Because installing FlowPlumb is easier and quicker than any other system, the cost of installation is much less. Consider that versus PPR, there is no welding involved, against PVC there is no solvent welding, and against crimping there is no crimping involved. All of these actions take time and in the first two instances waiting time is also required while the weld sets. “Time is money” as the saying goes, and an installer will charge you for theirs. With FlowPlumb’s simple push-fit system, a house that would require a week to be plumbed with PPR can be plumbed in just one or two days with Flowplumb. This then dramatically reduces the final installed cost of Flowplumb.

Reduced Fittings & System cost

The flexible FlowPlumb pipe also means that you require less fittings such as sockets and elbows. In any plumbing system, this is where the expense lays because manufacturing these is a more expensive process than manufacturing pipe. Any flexible system then should have cost advantages over a rigid system like PPR, PVC or metal. However, FlowPlumb has further cost advantages over other flexible systems such as a crimp system. This is because where you do need fittings, crimp fittings are manufactured with brass, and this is very costly. FlowPlumb eliminates the need for the excessive amounts of brass that a crimp system needs, thereby reducing costs even further.

Reduced tool costs

With both PPR and a crimp system (such as Henco), the installer requires expensive tools that can cost over $200 each. This cost is obviously passed onto the client. With FlowPlumb, the only tool an installer needs to work with the system is a simple pair of pipe cutters. We often provide these free of charge to the installers, (although a generic pair of pipe cutters  can be picked up from any market for very little). This means there are no expenses that the installer needs to pass on to the client.

Ensuring you benefit from FlowPlumb

When comparing the price of one system verses another, a common mistake is to simply price all the parts needed. However, as we have discovered, with FlowPlumb many of these parts are not required. Instead of giving your FlowPlumb Distributor a list of parts, let them have your plumbing design so that they can identify where FlowPlumb can save you money – you’ll be surprised with the results.

For more information or to find your local FlowPlumb Distributor, please contact us here.