FlowPlumb Push-fit system is a simple and effective plumbing system that couldn’t be quicker or easier to install. No specialised tools are required, no electricity and no extra costs like sealant or solder means that FlowPlumb provides an effective one-stop-shop for all domestic plumbing needs.

Because FlowPlumb can be installed without the use of expensive tools like welding tools and blow torches, it means that plumbers can easily adopt this new technology, and their savings can be passed on to the customer. With FlowPlumb, everybody wins!

FlowPlumb is manufactured from Polybutelyne, a flexible but strong plastic that ensures that the pipe can be threaded through a building with little reliance on expensive fittings like elbow joints. In some cases the whole system can be installed with just a fitting at either end. If a more complex setup is needed other fittings can be easily introduced, by simply pushing the fittings into place.

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