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Case Study: FlowPlumb Underground Drainage – Residential Property, Lagos, Nigeria

When the owner of a million-dollar new build property on Banana Island in Lagos broke ground to begin creating his vision, FlowPlumb drainage was chosen as the method of removing waste water throughout the plot.
As the foundations were laid, the FlowPlumb underground system was installed. Chosen for its minimal future maintenance, and British Standard (BS14001) quality, the owner wanted a system that was reliable, easy for his installers to work with, and reasonably priced. His local FlowPlumb Distributor, Wichtech Pipes, was even able to redesign the system to make it more cost efficient, saving the client money.
The underground system uses pipes with a strong wall – thicker than locally produced pipes, to enable it to cope easily with the weight of soil and the driveway that will lay on top of it and features a smooth bore which improves flow and reduces the risk of blockages.
One additional feature that the client chose to install on this project was the FlowPlumb non-return valve (DS342). The non-return valve is a simple and effective device for marginalising the risk of flooding caused by flowback. Any water flowing back through the system automatically shuts the valve thus protecting the inside of the property from flood damage. (Without this device, foul water could travel back up the system and into the home through the toilet pan, floor drains and plug holes.