Flowplumb plumbing

Case Study – FlowPlumb Drainage

Location: Lagos, Nigeria
The City of David church in Lagos chose FlowPlumb exclusive Distributors; Wichtech to supply a range of plumbing and drainage systems including soil, waste and underground from FlowPlumb for their school extension.
“Choosing the same system is a smart move” says Obinna Nwankwo who runs Wichtech Pipes. “knowing that all the parts you’re using are designed and manufactured in the same building gives you so much more confidence in the product. When they are made to be used together, you eliminate any chance of the products being responsible for leaks. That only leaves installation to worry about, and here at Wichtech we like to train the guys who are installing our systems”.
Our aim is to give our customers the best possible service – not only during installation, but also into the future when our systems are being used everyday. If we can supply a system that never requires maintenance and caused the client inconvenience, then we’ve done a good job.
Wichtech supplied FlowPlumb soil and waste systems, traps, pan connectors, soil and waste.