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Acoustic Soil Stacks

Acoustic Soil Stacks

The dBlue acoustic system is a triple-layer drainage system designed for use where improved levels of soundproofing are required. Suitable for use in domestic applications as well as hospitals and hotels, where reduced noise levels are preferred.
Used in conjunction with the acoustic pipe clips, the dBlue system is designed to reduce noise and acoustic vibrations to a level of 19dB. It is also lightweight, resistant to temperature change and can be installed at temperatures below -10°C.
The dBlue system is available in 40mm, 50mm, 110mm and 160mm diameters. It is also compatible with our Flowplumb PVCu soil and waste system for branch connections.
Soil Stacks

Noise in our everyday surroundings

It is useful to compare the Marley dBlue system’s noise reduction and acoustic vibration suppression properties to everyday noise around us. Subject to the test procedure on the level of noise reduction, conducted at Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, according to EN 14366, our dBlue system showed the emitted noise level of only 19dB. The diagram below refers the value of 19dB to the noise present in our everyday surroundings.
The diagram also indicates individual noise levels and their effect on human health.
Noise Test


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