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Storm Crates

  • Stores a massive 240 litres
  • Open cell structure allows rapid dispersion of water
  • Cells can be nested reducing on site storage
  • Layers are quick and easy to assemble
  • Easy to calculate what you need (4 cells = 1m³)

Where can Waterloc be installed?

  Light duty, pedestrian or non trafficked areas
  Medium duty, trafficked areas (up to 9 tonnes)
  At least 5 metres from nearest building or boundary
  At least 1 metre above ground water level
  Not suitable for installing at foot of an embankment
  Not effective if installed in cohesive (clay) soil
  Not recommended for heavy traffic areas

Preparing for installation

Dig the required size hole and ensure the base is lined with a layer of 100mm sharp sand.
Lay a high grade, permeable geotextile wrapping in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines

Building your layers

Prepare your first layer of cells by fixing a base plate underneath each cell. 0on't forget the arrows on the cells should face the opposite way to the arrows on the base plates.
Position the first layer of cells onto the geotextile, ensuring all edges butt together.
Use the cell clip (image A) to connect the perimeter of the base layer.
It is also recommended that the cell clip is used between cells on the base layer for improved stability.
Build your middle layers with the interlocking cells. Optionally cell clips can be used between cells to link the structure at different levels.

Securing your construction

The top layer of cells must be connected using the cell connectors.
The connectors must be fitted around the edges and at all intersecting points (image B).

Your Single House Soakaway Guide

To help with your single house soakaway requirements we've created a handy chart. First you'll need to calculate your roof and/or paved area: Length x Width = m2
Total m2 Waterloc Volume No. of Waterloc Cells Connectors Max Base Plates
Min Max
Up to 25m2 0.53 2 2 1 2
Up to 37m2 0.753 3 4 1 3
Up to 50m2 1.03 4 6 1 4
Up to 75m2 1.53 6 10 1 6


Waterloc Cell
1200mm(l) x 800mm(w) x 290mm(h)
Code Pack
WLRB250 1
Effective height installed 260mm
Base Plate
1200mm(l) x 800mm(w) x 30mm(h)
Code Pack
WLRP250 30
Cell Connector
Code Pack
WLRC250 40
Cell Clip
Code Pack
WLRCI250 60
Pipe Connector
  Code Pack
110/160mm WLRE250 1
Silt Trap
  • 600mm max depth
  Code Pack
250mm UG60 1
Supplied with a leag guard fitted to the outlet
Round PVC-U Cover
  • Flush Valve
Code Pack
DS069 1
For use with UG60 Silt Trap
Silt Trap Cover
Code Pack
UG61 1
For use with UG60 Silt Trap