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PPH Threaded System - Features

Chemical resistance

Polypropylene homopolymer is a material of high molecular weight. It is, therefore, more resistant than others to the chemical agents it may come into contact with, such as acid or basic substances, lime, cement or plaster.

Acoustic insulation

The physical properties of polypropylene homopolymer (PP-H) make it possible to absorb and eliminate the vibrations usually produced by metal pipes. Therefore, greater acoustic insulation is obtained without any additional costs.

Low thermal conductivity

The low thermal conductivity of polypropylene homopolymer reduces the dissipation of the heat of the transported fluid. In addition, the condensation which normally occurs on the outer surface of metal pipes under specific conditions disappears.

Minimum pressure loss

The inner surface of this material is smoother than that obtained with others and has little roughness (0.0070 mm), which means that pressure loss is almost non-existent. In addition, these features make it almost impossible for salts to accumulate inside the pipe, thus preventing a reduction in flowing space.


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Resistance to eddy currents.
Excellent electrical insulation properties.
Lightweight and easy to transport.
It does not impart odor, color or flavor to the fluids transported.
It is not affected by galvanic or eddy currents.
It is not affected by microbial corrosion.

In summary, PPH Threaded provides a system with a familiar installation method to any reputable plumber. This results in a better installed system combined with superior performance.