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IPS Fusion System - Features

Low thermal conductivity

The system reduces the dissipation of the heat of the transported fluid (0.21 W/mK) and prevents the condensation which normally occurs on the outer surface of metal pipes under specific hydrometric conditions.

Maximum elasticity

This makes it possible to better absorb the stresses caused by the linear expansion of the pipes. In addition, since this is a molecular fusion joining system, it provides an excellent response when subjected to vibrations and earthquakes.

Higher resistance

It has been proved that IPS Fusion System is more resistant to the movements produced while being used (water hammer) or to manipulation while being installed or transported.

Great resistance to temperature and pressure through time

Specially designed to endure low external temperatures, it also offers the highest performance as to the temperature – pressure relationship with years of constant use.

Increased water flow through time guaranteed

Its entirely smooth inner surfaces and its low coefficient of friction result in minimum pressure loss and prevent fur and scale from developing.

High chemical resistance

The system offers an excellent response in respect of fluids containing acid and alkaline elements and hard water, and it is suitable for the transportation of fluids rich in aggressive agents.


   Rustproof forever.
   It maximizes the supply system pressure.
   Lightweight and easy to transport.
   It does not impart odor, color or flavor to the fluids transported.
   It is not affected by galvanic or eddy currents.
   It is not affected by microbial corrosion.