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Outdoor Systems

Use our MAXUM tubes or the IPSoband insulating tape and IPSolar UV proof tape in order to protect the tubes and fittings of an outdoor system from extreme cold weather conditions, or in order to prevent condensation and shield the system from UV radiation.

In low temperature areas it is advisable to use our MAXUM tubes in combination with IPSoband-protected fittings.

For systems located in cold areas, it is convenient to turn the water off at the mains and to turn on the taps in order to empty the pipes. This will prevent the water from freezing after long exposure to low temperatures. Our Maxum tubes delay freezing up to 16 hours.

Suspended Systems

Outdoor systems must be secured with IPS clamps in order to prevent use deformation. Use the clamp distance table below in accordance with the pipe diameter and the temperature of the fluid to be transported.

Ø/t° 20° 40° 60° 80° 100°
20mm 66 61 57 54 49 43
25mm 74 69 63 60 55 49
32mm 87 81 75 71 63 57
40mm 97 90 84 80 71 64
50mm 105 97 90 86 78 69
63mm 119 111 103 98 88 79
75mm 135 125 116 111 100 90
90mm 150 140 130 125 115 100
115mm 170 160 147 142 130 115

The number resulting from the clamp distance table represents the advisable distance (expressed in centimeters) to be kept between the clamps to properly install the system.

Built-in Systems

The depth of the gutter must be equal to twice the tube diameter and the distance between the cold water tube and the hot water tube must be equal to once such diameter.

For all Systems

Do not use heat guns or light a flame in order to bend tubes or fittings, doing so degrades the material. For further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact your IPS technical advisor.