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The flexible nature of Flowplumb’s approach to rainwater re-use means that no two Rainstream Systems are ever the same, as each one is designed to meet the specific requirements of an individual application. A number of elements are common to many types of system however and the operating principles are largely standard throughout.

Bespoke solutions for off-site construction

The Flowplumb water management solutions team benefits from access to Flowplumb’s own in-house fabrications department. Using our own products and expertise, Flowplumb are able to design and fabricate any solution to meet specific site constraints. Solutions such as bespoke leaf filters are delivered to site pre-fabricated, reducing installation times and labour costs on-site.

Key Benefits of Rainstream

Large-scale solutions from Polypipe’s water management solutions team have been installed on a wide variety of projects, from Ministry of Defence sites through to retail developments. Our team, consisting of fully-qualified designers and engineers, have the technical pedigree and manufacturing capability to design solutions to meet any site requirements.
Tank sizes from 1,500 to 300,000 litres (smaller tanks are available if required).
Leaf filter within bespoke chambers to suit specific project.
Full technical design and support.
Complete range of additional items such as duty standby and booster systems.
Helps reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the volume of water from local treatment works.
Tank system supplied with filters, pumps, valves, component set and factory fitted inlet, calmed inlet and outlet connections.
Bespoke design solutions offered for any site constraint.
Robust GRP tank construction.
Filter uses first flush principle.
Manifold system available for multiple dwellings.
Water filtered to 110 microns.
Ability to increase water capture by using specialist filters such as Storm-X4.


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